I was born in Budapest in 1970. In 1987 I finished Kaesz Gyula Vocational School for Carpentry as a wood-sculptor. Just after graduation I got accepted to the Restorers' Studio at the Painitngs Department of the Hungarian National Gallery. I spent many wonderful years learning more about the significance of, and acquiring some vital technical knowledge in the restoration of wooden works of art there. It was there that I realized that restoration is actually a complex process comprised of applying different crafts,such as carving,carpentry,guilding,chemistry,art history,sketching,etc., and that in fact,this vast field of knowledge was available to learn by studying further. So, encouraged by my parents and colleagues,I first passed my maturity exams at the Training School for the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where I graduated as a sculptor. Then I got accepted to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where I received an MA in wood sculpting and restoration in 1998.
My own art gets its inspiration from my childhood where I spent my summers roaming the wild river valley where my grandparents lived and getting mucky at my uncle's car repair shop. All the fun and excitement has yielded fruit in the motorcycles I restore now and in my sculptures.
This webpage contains the crop of the past 20 years.