I have been a proffessional art conservationist and restorer since 1998. I specialize in conserving and restoring wooden sculptures, panel paintings and pictureframes from the 17th and 18th centuries,as well as oriental pieces. The task is complex, as there are chemical,instrumental and photographic tests and analyses carried out on the piece before restoration can even begin. Procedures are based on these findings and the work itself is photodocumented throughout. For example it is very common with religious sculptures that the many different eras and aesthetic norms leave a number of coatings of paint on their surface. These coatings need to be removed chemically until the original colors of the specific period of their creation are revealed. I also carve period pictureframes after original sketches. These are made by the exact same technology as in the earlier centuries. Guilding is a good example of a perfect technology that's been unchanged throughout history: first we apply a ground layer of chalk (calcium carbonite),followed the by a layer of red bole. Then the 23 carat goldleaf is applied on top. Silver guilding uses black or blue bole as a base layer of application. Some of my larger work include the restoration and conservation of frames of paintings by Munkácsy, Szinyei and other artists on permanent exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery, the conservation and structural preservation of Aba Novák Vilmos' panel painting series on display at the King Saint Steven Museum in Székesfehérvár, and the restauration of the baroque altarpieces and Holy Mary of the procession at the National Shrine at Mátraverebély-Szentkút. I have been participating in the restoration and conservation of the pieces of art held at the Museum of Fine Arts for more than a decade.