I restore and rebuild classic motorcycles. My work ranges between the smallest repairs to complete reconstruction,as the bikes arrive in various conditions. Most of them have all their parts corroded and their engines dead. Consequently, there is different work to be done from replacing or repairing broken engine parts, reconstructing and welding corroded and broken frames, removing old matte paint by sandblasting, repainting based on the original color chart, rewiring, chrome plating matted and corroded parts, to repairing and restoring damaged wheels and axles. Full restoration aims to create an operable vehicle of the highest mechanic and aesthetic quality, one that may even be presented as a "work of art" at any exhibition. The bikes in the pictures have been exhibited at an international conference of restauration and at various veteran bike shows and fairs at home and abroad. There are events where one can actually drive the old ladies, my favourite is the annual Budapest Velodrom Meet held at a unique outdoor cycling track dating back a hundred years.