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  • Metamorph I.,polished bronz on granite.54cm x 28cm x 16cm. 1996.

  • Metamorph II.

  • Polished bronze on granite.54cm x 30cm x 16.5cm. 1996.

  • Squid.

  • Polished bronze on granite.54cm x 35cm x 15cm. 2000.

  • The finest stretch of road is a curve. Motorcycle race prize.

  • Polished bronze on granite.30cm x 30cm x 16cm. 1995.

  • Comet.

  • Polished bronze on granite.55cm x 12cm x 24cm. 2007.

  • Oro nero.

  • Polished bronze on granite.40cm x 20cm x 15cm. 2003.

  • Good Gravity! Push the sphere to set the sculpture in motion.

  • Polished bronze and granite.39,5cm x 28cm x10cm. 2010.

  • Wrooom! The stainless steel sheets change shape with a turn of the screw.

  • This statuette won 1st prize in the "applied art" category at the 2011 Silver Javelin Art Contest of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

  • As above so below. Stainless steel, iron. 38cm x 38cm x 10cm 2017.

  • The riders sway like a double pendulum when set in motion.

  • As above

  • The riders can be rotated to change place at the owners wish.

  • Black pearl.

  • Black nickel plated bronze on mahogany.32cm x 17cm x 11cm. 2006.

  • Sunshine. Award piece commissioned by Ford,Hungary.

  • Polished bronze on padouk.32cm x 17cm x 11cm. 2002.

  • Velocitta massima.

  • Mahogany,ash and aluminum.160cm x 50cm x 46cm. 2005.

  • Deák palace exhibition,2005.

  • Scale models are made of...wood,plaster or plasticine.

  • I designed this motorcycle using the same proportions as in sculpting to achieve the result of a safely drivable machine.

  • Exhibition at the Audi Factory salon,Győr.

  • Spirit of Speed 2010:joint exhibition with Tamás Mike at G13 Gallery,Budapest.

  • Paintings in airbrush above the motorbike I fully restored.

  • Afterparty at the opening.

  • WROOOM! Outdoor statue plan for a motorcycle museum.

  • Outdoor statue plan for an international car dealership.

  • Outdoor statue plan for an international car dealership,main entrance.

  • Outdoor statue plan for motorcycle race track, main entrance.

  • Outdoor statue plan for motorcycle track,front of main building.

  • Outdoor statue plan for museum of technology.


I have been crazy about cars and motorcycles since I was a child. My sculptures are born from this obsession.The shapes vary from organic to streamlied in an attempt to interpret my experiences of velocity. The first step in making a bronze sculpture is the raw sketch followed by a scale model handmade in plaster,after which the mold is made for lost wax casting. The cast bronze is then burnished and polished to perfection. The size of my sculptures vary from app. 20cms to 150cms, and are made of bronze, stainless steel,aluminum, exotic woods, and granite.

"Mr.Gulyás, the art restorer and conservationist, lends his manual talent and sophistication to sculpting statuettes of cars and motorcycles that seem fascinatingly out of this world, yet perfectly follow the rules of aerodynamics. These streamlined creations mounted on bases of granite are allusions to modern design trends,as well as to the works of italian Futurists glorifyng dynamic movement and depicting it in its various phases. He uses various materials ranging from aluminum, bronze, chrome,wood,and granite to cuban green marble. Gold,silver and black appear as basic colors for the glistening pieces of art. The smooth and curvy surfaces create rhytms of positive and negative forms through masses and hollows. Symmetry is created by dynamicly shifting shell shapes,and flowing ribbed surfaces. In some pieces we may just find the rider,the human, in full control yet one with the machine. His latest work is mobile in fact, as the motorcycle is attached to a marble sphere by a pin thrust through its granite base. By pushing the sphere, there is the real life movement of turning a bend successfully emulated by the shiny golden machine."

Csaba Kozak, art historian
Independent exhibitions:

Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest

Deák Palace Budapest

Audi Manufacturing Plant,

Mercedes Benz
Budapest Classic Grand Prix

Goodwood festival of Speed,

Prototype Galery

Oldtimer Expo Tulln, Austria
Group exhibitions:

XIV. Biannual of Small Sculpture, Hungary

Art Expo, Budapest

International Auto Fair, Budapest
"Intuition, Innovation, Invention" Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest

Gallery Ateliers Pro Arts, Budapest

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Art Fair Műcsarnok,Budapest

G13 Gallery, Budapest:
Spirit of speed exhibition

Hungarian Olympic Committee,
Silver Javelin I.
/applied sculpture/.