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  • Wild and untouched,The Pelopponese with the Taigetos in the background.

  • Rab Island,Croatia.Vast country,salty breeze,little traffic.Perfect!

  • Katana under the cyrruses at springbreak.

  • Somewhere in the Vértes.

  • Crickets chirping,crow croaking,flowers blooming in the summer breeze.

  • Bike in the bush.

  • Grossglockner,Austria.Bikers'paradise.A zillion bends of seamless tar.

  • Grossglockner,Austria.The finest stretch of road is a curve!

  • Wildalpen,Austria.Perfect curve on a perfect day.

  • Budapest-Lisboa-Budapest, El riding Camino.8300 kilometers,11 days.

  • A breather on the way to Portugal with the Sierra Nevada in the background.

  • Cropped from a photo attempt during riding.

  • Sunset by the paratree grove with Lisboa over the horizon.

  • The Adriatic in Croatia. Cool beer and hot tar, perfect setup for the perfect bike trip.

  • Off the road and to the big blue

  • Camping out and building our own fire on one of the beaches of Croatia.

  • The best place to testdrive the bikes I restore,at the Velodrome Millenáris races you'll find folks in classic costume and feverish fun.


  • I was first to run: VIDEO

  • Good Gravity! photo by Csaba Everling

  • Banking.

  • Only winners at the flag.

  • No.20 chasing no.7.

  • GUZZILLA in action on the race track

  • Moto Guzzi V50 caferacer

  • Kakucsring, the hungarian race track. Good weather makes for a good run.


Although this chapter may seem like the odd one out, it is nevertheless directly related to the work I do. The life events presented here have provided me with input and inspiration for envisioning and creating many of my sculptures. Such as my childhood, where I spent most of my summers at my grandma's by the valleys of the Danube. All kinds of adventures awaited my friends and me around the lush and wild floodplains. Boys from the neighbourhood would gather every afternoon for some exhilarated fun. One day Fatty showed up on a shabby old Pannonia,blue smoke puffing from its pipe. Suddenly each one of us wanted to own a shabby old Pannonia complete with puffs of blue smoke,me included. At that time there was an old wreck of a two-wheeler hiding in every toolshed in every yard, so it didn't take long until we all showed up at the meeting grounds on our very own salvaged and fixed up motorbikes. Both the size of our bikes and the kilometers covered began to grow as the years passed. We were pushing our limits roaming new distances and finding new horizons as we left the bushes and gravel-pits of the riverbank behind. I took a tour of Europe for the first time on a Suzuki Katana in 1991. I rode across the Dolomites all the way down to Rome. Later I rode my motorcycles around Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Poland, retuning to some of these countries on a number of trips. The pictures I put up here are a brief illustration of my riding adventures abroad.